Sunday, 31 January 2010

First Blog post of the New Year!

Happy New year to those who I have not wished it to who are reading this. I'm a month late but I guess that means that you have to only wait 11 months till I say it again! :). Annnnyyyhuuuuu... Here is a shot that I have progressivly been working on for 3 weeks at This is the final shot I gave in to be graded and probably won't be returning to fix anything else in the shot. Looking forward to this next shot as it is a bit more challenging and interesting to work on. It probably wont be uploaded for another few weeks so be patient!


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  1. Hey Seb, really nice work man, you're doing terrific. Thanks for your comments too!
    Your stuff is improving soo much, it definately shows.
    Nice work last term as well. I'm excited to look back in a year and see where you are at.